Gibbs Demonstrates the Dangers of Never Having Full-Contact Practice Before a Game

The biggest problem with the media’s kid-glove treatment of Obama and his staff during the campaign is that, now that they’re actually getting hit with hard questions, they have no idea how to respond. They’re like a football team that never had a scrimmage in full pads, and now it’s game time. Ouch!

People’s exhibit A — ABC’s Jake Tapper grills Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about a lack of available information about incoming Obama appointees (financial disclosure forms/waivers) in spite of the president’s promise to have a transparent administration. Gibbs ended up dancing around with all the grace of a drunken, one-legged ballerina with an inner-ear infection, and ignored the question — but in a very transparent fashion:

The media might have helped get Obama into office, but they certainly did their hero no favors by supplying The One with oxygen for so long that his administration has been having trouble breathing on their own since being removed from the MSM ventilator.

Update: Read Gibbs response today to a question asking if Obama is concerned about the release of nuclear black marketeer A.Q. Khan.

Gibbs, should, uh, start, uh, updating his, uh, resume, because I’m, uh, not sure, uh, he’s going to, uh, have, uh, a job for, uh, very long.

Author: Doug Powers

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