Sen. Stabenow: Bring Back Fairness Doctrine, Husband Needs the Work

Our illustrious Senator here in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow, was on Bill Press’s radio show to complain about how liberals don’t get radio shows, ironically enough, and also said she’d like a return to the Fairness Doctrine, or at least hearings on radio “accountability” (don’t hold your breath for hearings on congressional accountability).

Incidentally, Stabenow’s husband, in addition to having been busted in a prostitution sting not long ago, is a liberal talk radio executive. Were these people conservative, this would be considered a “conflict of interest,” but for liberals, it’s okay I guess. Maybe Debbie thinks the extra work might keep him too busy to chase tail-for-hire.

One fact these Fairness Doctrine people refuse to recognize is that there aren’t many liberals on talk radio because nobody listens to liberals on talk radio. If there were listeners there, the liberal talk genre would blossom. Heck, I’d invest in it if there was money to be made — but there isn’t. All that will happen is the creation of a bunch of stuff nobody will listen to and, as a result, nobody will sponsor, and yet another industry will need to be nationalized in order to keep operational.

These people actually believe that they’re not successful in radio because of some sort of conspiracy, and I can’t blame them. If I was a liberal and had full control of the television and newspaper media, the majority of university classrooms, Hollywood, Congress and the White House, I’d think something was up if I didn’t have a choke-hold on talk radio as well.

Liberal hosts like Bill Press should be careful about backing a return to a Fairness Doctrine — he should only back talking about returning to it. Because if he wouldn’t have been talking about it, I wouldn’t have even known that Bill Press had a radio show.

Author: Doug Powers

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