ACORN Cash: ‘From My Cold, Dead Stimulus!’

nullOf all the monstrous expenditures in the so-called “stimulus” package, which is the most important? And by that, I mean, which is the most important to Democrats in Congress who are pushing this morbidly obese hog through the door?

The most telling item in the bill that actually required some forethought is the $4.1 billion that will end up, in part, in the hands of the vote-fraud group “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now” (ACORN).

Naturally, they don’t come out and say that. The funds will instead be targeted towards what’s being called “neighborhood stabilization activities” (how come everything Democrats do has to sound so brown-shirt?), and ACORN would no doubt be a big winner in the great “your money” giveaway of 2009.

Our money being shoveled toward ACORN and other similar organizations has two purposes: 1) It’s a bailout/thank you of sorts for those groups who helped get Obama elected, and 2) To plan ahead for coming elections — or, to put it more precisely, re-elections.

Aside from it seeming inherently wrong that our money is going toward a group that only shills for Democrats (is there billions in stimulus for The Heritage Foundation? I’m guessing not), it’s clear that the Democrats are covering their butts in case this entire “stimulus” ends up being a disaster. The beauty of having ACORN in your pocket is that, even if every voter hates your guts, you can still be re-elected.

As the negotiations continue to remove bits and pieces from the spendulous package, you can be certain of one item that will never be taken out. The ACORN money is the cornerstone of the Democrats’ entire operation, and that cornerstone is turning into a financial tombstone for everybody else.

Update: ACORN is in Detroit holding forums to discuss the “foreclosure crisis.” Maybe Peggy will get her mortgage paid after all!

Author: Doug Powers

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