Boycott Kellogg, Say Pot Activists

When pot smokers call for a boycott of a munchie manufacturer, you know they’re pissed:

Advocates for legalizing marijuana are urging a boycott of Kellogg Co., including all of its popular munchies, for deciding to cut ties with Olympic hero Michael Phelps after he was photographed with a pot pipe.

The leader of one of the biggest legalize-pot organizations, the Marijuana Policy Project, called Battle Creek-based Kellogg’s action “hypocritical and disgusting,” and said he’d never seen his membership so angry…

It’s said that more than 2,300 pot activists signed an online petition against Kellogg — they would have had more sign, but some potential signatories reported that their laptop was, like, way over on the other side of the room.

I for one support Kellogg. Athletes who have either previously taken, or ended up taking, illegal drugs have never been featured on cereal boxes, and the industry isn’t about to start now!

What? Oh, nevermind


Author: Doug Powers

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