Santa-In-Chief Visits Florida ‘Panhandle’

Barack Obama’s townhall meetings are usually pre-stocked with a bunch of gift/miracle-seeking rejects who make a studio audience of “Let’s Make a Deal” look like the Harvard Math Club, but now it’s getting even more embarrassing.

I just wish Obama would once say, “I’ve got a good paying job for anybody who can show me an I.Q. of over 50 or an upbeat attitude.” Talk about stumping his captive audience.

Barack turned water into whiners once again today. A video making the rounds featuring a woman named Henrietta Hughes asking Obama for a kitchen and a bathroom is here, but for my money, the best (read: most idiotic) of the day was the final question.

Check out this McSpaz:

Where’s a taser when you really need one? I’m not in favor of the “stimulus” package, but since it’s going to pass anyway, I hope they manage to add federally funded lobotomies to bill.

The event was in Ft. Myers, Florida, which, surprisingly enough, was not in the “panhandle” until Obama’s townhall meeting.

Here’s a scene reserved for Obama’s next meeting, with apologies to Monty Python:


“Lord Obama, I am affected by a bald patch!”

Author: Doug Powers

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