Al Gore Has Colon Polyp Removed, Turns Out It Was Only Google’s Nose

As you can see on the introduction page to Google Earth 5.0, at some point, Al Gore became an “Honorable”:

“With this latest version of Google Earth you can not only zoom into whatever part of our planet’s surface you wish to examine in closer detail, you can now dive into the world’s oceans that cover almost three-quarters of the planet and discover new wonders that had not been accessible in previous versions of this magical experience,” said The Honorable Al Gore at this morning’s launch event in San Francisco.

Can you even zoom in on Al’s private jet, mansions and heated pools? I hope so.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go finish watching Green Acres on TV Land. The Honorable Mr. Haney really cracks me up.

Oh, and Google also announced that they’re going to be using a new special logo for Earth Day this year:


(h/t American Thinker blog)

Author: Doug Powers

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