Great Moments in Presidential Townhall Meeting History

Many of my right-of-center friends are mocking President Obama’s latest townhall meeting in Florida, which apparently took place in the “panhandle,” where much of the audience mistook Obama for Santa Claus and asked him for kitchens, cars, houses, better benefits and great-paying jobs.

Hey, who wouldn’t like that stuff? But not all of us can personally ask the president for help, so I guess we’re screwed.

Julio and Henrietta got me to thinking about what people would have said had these questioners been around during the formative years of our great nation.

How would George Washington and the rest of America have responded to this:


And how would Obama’s hero, Abe Lincoln, have replied to this request during times of incredible strife:


If Washington or Lincoln would have been there to respond to Henrietta and Julio, it would have been glaringly obvious how far we’ve fallen in terms of leadership, personal pride, common sense, self reliance, and everything else that separates this country from… France.

Update: A commenter at Free Republic wonders how Reagan would have responded to Julio or Henrietta. All I know is that it would have been good.

Author: Doug Powers

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