New CIA Director’s First Day on the Job

The Senate confirmed Leon Panetta as CIA director yesterday after a long, careful look at his… tax returns.

Obama nominated Panetta for his unwaivering commitment to the security of this great nation. Just kidding… it’s so he can get the CIA and a liberal Congress to rubber-stamp each other to bureaucratic orgasm:

The former Democratic congressman from California has no direct intelligence gathering or analysis experience. Obama said he was selected because of his managerial skills and ability to repair the agency’s relationship with Congress after two tumultuous Bush terms.

This is a little like choosing your starting quarterback based on his ability to alphabetize the roster and get the cheerleaders to lift their skirts.

The fact that Panetta doesn’t have a background in intelligence is cause for concern, as evidenced by this artist’s rendering of Leon arriving for his first day on the job:


Apologies (and a possible legal settlement) are due to Gary Larson

Author: Doug Powers

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