‘Too Many’ Abortions: Can You Have ‘Too Much’ of a ‘Right’?

Gerald McDermott and Carol Swain have an article here in which they point out a typical view that can be heard from the left:

David Nova, a regional Planned Parenthood vice president, recently told the Roanoke Times there are “too many abortions.” President Obama has said the same thing.

Hillary Clinton used to say something similar — “Abortion should be rare, safe and legal.”

Nobody ever asks these people at what point we hit “too many.” I mean, a right is a right… right? How can you have “too many” of one of your glorious constitutional rights?

Substitute the word “abortions” with any other “right” and it would sound ridiculous to liberals:

“There are too many people receiving due process.”
“There are too many trials by jury.”
“There are too many people exercising free speech.”**

**With the exception of talk radio

“Too many” abortions? How can there be “too many” of such a great thing? If only somebody would ask them that.

About the only other thing that would sound logical to liberals in the “too much of a right” category is the 2nd Amendment: “There are too many people who own guns.” Of course, many on the left don’t consider individual ownership of firearms to be a “right.” Why? Because guns kill people. Oh the irony.

(h/t ConservativeUnderground)

Author: Doug Powers

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