The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidized

nullI’m getting a lot of email concerning today’s column.

A couple of readers disagree with my call cleanse the party of Democrats in cheap disguise, thinking that ridding the Republican Party of “moderates” is to blaze a path to failure, because the party will “become even more marginalized from the US electorate.” Are you kidding?

My only response to that is that the GOP has allowed moderates to have a greater voice in recent years (they nominated McCain, for God’s sake!), culminating in Republicans losing control of the Senate and the White House, by fairly wide margins, so the answer certainly isn’t to become more moderate.

For the rest of the people I’m hearing from, the anger out there is palpable. Some readers have even suggested, as we often hear, that the peasants should pick up the pitchforks and march to DC by the millions and take back our government.

There’s a chance, however slight, it could play out that way someday, but the downside in being an “average” hard-working American is that we don’t have time for a revolution because we have to go to work in the morning.

No, if there’s ever a “revolution,” it will probably be because the government’s by-the-bushel spending caused the entire system to collapse. Who will be the angriest when that happens?

When there’s not enough cash to cover all the massive stimulus outlays, public assistance checks, corporate and union subsidies, Social Security payments, Medicare, Medicaid and extended unemployment benefits — what will happen? The thirsty calves will come wondering what happened to their milk, and when they find nothing but a dry udder and the likes of a nervous Harry Reid saying “but… but…,” all bets are off.

I must admit, it would be somewhat satisfying to see politicians responsible for this mess receive a Mussolini-esque going-away party thrown by a dependency class of their own creation. Too bad we’ll all be too broke by then to fully appreciate it.

Author: Doug Powers

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