Campaign Donations of the Rich, Famous, Infamous and Annoying Activists has a list of several hundred “celebrities,” and which presidential candidate(s) they donated money to in 2008.

Bottom line: Most athletes, broadcasters and team owners are Republicans, and, of course, 95% of entertainers and other various celebutards are Democrats.

The “Covering your bases” award goes to Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, who gave $2,300 to Obama, $2,300 to McCain, and $2,300 to Clinton.

The funniest part of the list is the part where it says what the career field of the donor is. “Actor,” “Executive,” etc. The career of the crooked Hillary Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu is listed as “Fashion industry executive, political fundraiser, convicted fraudster.”

“Convicted fraudster” is a career? I guess in politics it is.

James Woolsey, CIA Director from 1993-1995 during Clinton’s first term, donated $4,350 to McCain, $200 to Obama, and zippo to Hillary. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

Here’s the entire list.

Author: Doug Powers

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