Ah-Nuld: ‘Geef Me Yuah Money!’

We get four Republican governors to stand on principle (amid charges of racism, naturally) and decline some stimulus money, and then California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger jumps up and says, “I’ll take their share” (or maybe he said “Al’s rake’s over there” — I’m not quite sure). In any case, Arnold wants the declined cash sent his way:

Fresh off a grueling budget battle in his state, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Saturday that if fellow Republican governors threatening to turn down stimulus funds follow through on their pledge, he’d be happy to have their share.

Great. Like the stimulus isn’t a bad enough idea, now there’s a chance an extra helping will be dumped down the left coast’s financial sink-hole. It’s bad enough watching California’s lunacy in action, but to know that now the rest of the country has to subsidize it is more than a little maddening.


“Da people of Kahl-ee-fuah-knee-ah need da stimulus! Arrghhnnyaaaahh!”

Update: Governor Granholm, otherwise known as Captain Hazelwood of the SS Michigan, has said she’ll accept stimulus money other states turn down as well. With our unemployment rate so high that we’re about to catch up to Bangladesh, just what we need is to create more government jobs that we’ll need to raise business taxes to re-fund in a couple of years.

Author: Doug Powers

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