Stimulus Scammers Giving Government Competition

This falls under the “if you’re that stupid, you deserve it” umbrella, but nonetheless the U.S. Small Business Administration is warning business owners about a scam:

The federal agency said fraudulent letters, printed on what appears to be an SBA letterhead, were sent to small businesses across the country.

The letters tell recipients they may be eligible for a tax rebate under the Economic Stimulus Act and that the SBA is assessing their eligibility for such a rebate. It then asks them to provide bank account information.

The SBA said the letters have not been sent by or authorized by the agency, and that businesses are “strongly advised” not to respond to them.

The Democrat Congressional Leadership today released a statement saying that anybody caught perpetrating a stimulus scam will be charged with copyright infringement.

If you’ve been taken by this scam, take comfort in the fact that, though your bank account may have been ripped off, you still have your highly valuable Obama commemorative coin collection.

Author: Doug Powers

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