Once in a while I write some blog posts (as well as full-length articles) at the American Thinker. They prefer I link to my posts there instead of mirroring the same thing at my site

Here’s today’s American Thinker post: Rocket carrying global warming satellite plunges into Pacific: fish and whales hardest hit

The only way to make this story funnier would have been if the malfunctioning global warming rocket plunged into the ocean and killed an endangered whale.

Update: I couldn’t help but respond to a comment from a humorless dork who accused me of being snarky — I responded of course by being snarky. This is the kind of guy who, when somebody starts a “knock knock” joke, actually gets up to see who’s at the door.

His comment:

Powers – “A rational person ” would not write this crap.

I yield to no man or woman in appreciation for rational behavior and Constitutional values. But this was simply a malfunction, of which we have had many. Some on this thread have emphasized the satirical and ironic aspects of this failure to good effect. KLH and John have the proper take on the technical aspects.

But snarky comments to no purpose hurt the cause.

My reply:

You must be a blast at parties.


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