College of New Jersey student Michael Tracey tried to get onto the stage where Ann Coulter was signing books last week, and Tracey didn’t have a book. He was told he couldn’t go on stage without a book to be signed, but he tried to get around security anyway and approach Coulter, and that’s when moonbatilarity ensued.

Naturally the student is claiming police used “blatantly excessive force.” I think the reaction was too mild, because bro didn’t use a taser this time.

The story behind the video is here.

Naturally, there will be a rally in support of this dickweed:

“I think there was an overreaction by the security people, as far as I can tell,” said political science professor Darryl Fair, who will be speaking at the rally. Fair added he believes Tracey’s civil rights were violated.

If you or I approached Professor Fair (“Fair” — perfect name for a lib prof) under similar circumstances, I seriously doubt he’d consider it an “overreaction.”


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