Feelgood Video of the Day: Screeching Moonbat Arrested at Coulter Signing

College of New Jersey student Michael Tracey tried to get onto the stage where Ann Coulter was signing books last week, and Tracey didn’t have a book. He was told he couldn’t go on stage without a book to be signed, but he tried to get around security anyway and approach Coulter, and that’s when moonbatilarity ensued.

Naturally the student is claiming police used “blatantly excessive force.” I think the reaction was too mild, because bro didn’t use a taser this time.

The story behind the video is here.

Naturally, there will be a rally in support of this dickweed:

“I think there was an overreaction by the security people, as far as I can tell,” said political science professor Darryl Fair, who will be speaking at the rally. Fair added he believes Tracey’s civil rights were violated.

If you or I approached Professor Fair (“Fair” — perfect name for a lib prof) under similar circumstances, I seriously doubt he’d consider it an “overreaction.”

Author: Doug Powers

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