Tea Party, Lansing Edition

As makeshift “protests” go, the turnout at the state Capitol wasn’t too bad considering it was a Friday afternoon and the temperature in the mid-20’s. I knew the turnout wasn’t going to be fantastic though when I was able to find a parking spot just a couple of blocks from Capitol (here’s a pic taken from where I parked… the “tea party” was on the other side of the building).

I was at a 2nd Amendment rally about ten years ago in the same place and there were at least 10,000 people there. At this event, there were between 500 and 750 people, by my best estimate. My conclusion would normally be that we’re not pissed enough yet. However, when you consider that this is Michigan, this was probably every Republican who lives in a 50 mile radius of the Capitol — and I’m almost not exaggerating.

Here’s a shot I took from the podium (click the pic for a larger version):


And of course there were lots of signs (again, click the pic for an enlargement):




Click here for a picture of the Capitol that I uploaded just because I liked the shot.

Republicans are usually notoriously bad protest organizers, and they need some serious work in this area if they’re ever to have an “impressive” turnout. First off, this kind of thing is what Saturdays are for. When you’re organizing a protest that will consist of hard working people who are angered at continued theft of their earnings, you may not want to schedule the thing while your target protester is working.

That said, it was a good start — though unfortunately not enough for Congress to bat an eye at.

Next time I’d suggest one massive protest in DC instead of many smaller ones in flyover country. After all, the purpose of the Boston Tea Party was to protest out of control tariffs on tea by dumping tea in the sea. So what’s the best way to protest out of control taxes levied by politicians? To go to where they are and… ::splash::

Update: Michelle Malkin has tea party pics from around the country, including one from yours truly.

Author: Doug Powers

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