Biden Speaks the Truth

Agreeing with Joe Biden is something I considered unlikely to happen, but this proves that even conservatives and liberals can find common ground on some issues:

[Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter] – one of three who voted for the stimulus package – found himself the target of good-natured cracks from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and no lesser personage than the Vice President.

Noting that Specter had supported the stimulus to his own “peril,” Rendell joked: “You could make life a little easier for yourself by taking that registration card of yours and making that little change from ‘R’ to ‘D.’”

Biden, too, expressed gratitude by telling Specter that deep down inside, the veteran Republican – who’s vulnerable to a challenge from the right in 2010 – is really a Democrat.

Specter returned fire with a self-deprecating joke, according to the pool report, answering Rendell by commenting: “These comments sound more like eulogies.”

A eulogy for Specter’s Senate career, hopefully.

The only thing in Biden’s statement I disagree with is that Specter is a Democrat “deep down.” No, Joe — Arlen Specter’s Democrat streak is like your hair plugs: right there on the surface and obvious as hell.

Author: Doug Powers

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