Reasons Barack Obama Was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has chosen a record 205 candidates to be in the running for this year’s award, and among them is U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Nobel people have a history of carefully finding only the most peaceful people to represent everything their prize stands for. PLO terrorist Yassir Arafat is among past winners, as is Betty Williams, who not long ago said she could “kill Bush.” Thug-hugger Jimmy Carter and panic-peddler Al Gore have also won the Nobel Peace Prize, just in case the “peace” punchline needed a bigger payoff.

Earlier, while perusing the ‘net, I was reading the Gateway Pundit blog, which asked the question, “What exactly did Barack Obama do to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

In the spirit of the Nobels, several things came to mind.

Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize because…

…in a matter of weeks he’s liberated millions of Americans and their unborn descendents from the burdens that come with having our own money.

…he’s freed countless numbers of the unborn from being forced to grow up in a violent world.

…one of his good friends, William Ayers, hasn’t committed an act of domestic terrorism for decades.

…the media compares him to Lincoln and Reagan, who are credited with ending slavery and bringing down the Berlin Wall, so Obama must have made a similar contribution to peace or the media wouldn’t be making the comparisons… right?

…he’s a supporter of ACORN, the organization dedicated to non-violent election rigging.

…once another Fairness Doctrine is enacted, the country will be a much safer place because dissenting opinions will be tightly regulated.

…he’s pledged to close Gitmo so some of the world’s most dangerous terrorist suspects can no longer be abused by rogue, vicious members of the U.S. military.

…deadbeats will no longer have to drive to work in order to have their mortgages covered, cutting down on road rage incidents.

There’s one group that’s not voting for Obama to get the Peace Prize: Animals.

Author: Doug Powers

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