Obama Gets His Own Category on Jeopardy

On yesterday’s “Jeopardy” show, there was an entire category dedicated to Barack Obama trivia.

The rules for the category were similar to the normal way the game is played, except that all money given to contestants in this category was paid for by taking away the money that will be won by contestants on subsequent episodes.

Judges hired to make sure the game was played fairly were all former contestants who were caught cheating on Jeopardy. At the end of the game, the contestant with the most money had to give half of it to the judges and the other half to the player who got the least amount of questions correct.

My favorite clue from the Obama category was this: “A terrorist who tries to present himself as superior” — the proper response was of course, “What is ‘putting on Ayers’?” Those Jeopardy writers sure are cheeky.

If you didn’t know the proper response to any of the clues, “hope” or “change” were considered acceptable answers.

A Jeopardy insider tells me that, on a future episode, Obama will get the entire board to himself:


Author: Doug Powers

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