Shocker: Many Still Not Ready For Digital Conversion

I have a new blog post at the American Thinker offering a few comments about a stunning report that says many people still aren’t ready for the “DTV Transition.” This in spite of many millions of tax dollars having been wasted in a delay to get the slumber classes on board.

Here’s the post: DTV and the ‘Couch Potato Law of Motion’

As a side note, even the government doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. TV stations are already broadcasting in digital — all that’s happening is that the analog signals are being turned off, and yet they keep calling it “switching to digital.” Many stations have already turned off their analog signal.

Ask your average politician about any of these details and you’ll most likely get a blank stare — all they know is that they got a chance to blow some money.

Author: Doug Powers

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