Today, We Are All South African Lesbians

Yesterday I read this story about some South African men who are “raping women to cure them of being lesbians” (I could put a stop to this immediately by sending Rosie O’Donnell over there).

Obviously, these rapes in South Africa have nothing to do with “curing” lesbians. It’s just a bunch of scumbags — dregs of humanity with ulterior motives and uncontrolled impulses — looking for excuses to rape, pillage and impose their will.

If this is all sounding too familiar, it’s because the U.S. government’s doing the sociopolitical equivalent to American citizens under the guise of “curing” the economy and free market capitalism.

Pertaining to the brutality in South Africa, they call it “corrective rape.” Is there any better phrase for what Congress and the White House is doing to the free market system and all U.S. citizens, not to mention future generations?

In a weird way, today, all hard-working, taxpaying Americans are South African lesbians.

Author: Doug Powers

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