Congress Update: Dodd is Perfectly Frank, Pelosi Gives Plasticized Slimeballs a Bad Name

Congress has gotten to the point where it’s almost impossible to sort out the hundreds of crooks, swine, ethically corrupt and morally bankrupt bunko artists from the three who aren’t — and I’m being generous in the latter estimate. There’s so much scum coming from Washington these days that even bathing in EZ-Off every morning doesn’t seem to be helping.

The comic relief of watching a group of people who should have resigned long ago sit around and point fingers at everybody they say should resign helps ease the stress of some days, but it’s getting old.

Connecticut’s Chris Dodd, better known as the top slice white bread in a waitress sandwich at the Camelot Deli, admitted he played a role in a law allowing AIG execs to keep their bonuses. As all politicians do — after they’re caught — Dodd says he’ll return money AIG execs donated to his campaign. I’m sure the little loophole Dodd provided AIG had nothing to do with those donations — just like his mortgage rate had nothing to do with helping out Countrywide.

There’s no word on whether or not many other politicians, including Obama, will give back their AIG donations. All that we know is that they aren’t happy, and neither are we — for different reasons.

Now that Dodd has pulled back the curtain on the Wizards in his own party, maybe he’ll resign in disgrace, but I’ll not hold my breath. Expecting liberal Democrats to experience a sudden fit of compunction is naive optimism at its finest. Dodd may be shown the door, however.

And that despicable Congressperson with a speech impediment that makes him come across like Elmer Fudd on an estrogen-fueled roid-rage — I speak of course of Rep. Broadway Barney Frank — needs to be made to go make his own way in the private sector as well. All-male whorehouses aren’t particularly palatable to average Americans, but they’re legitimate businesses compared to how Barney Frank is making his current living.

Frank is on the case in bashing the AIG bonuses — but nobody’s saying a word about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s retention bonuses. I wonder why. Barney’s lucky he’s gay, because he has a ready excuse for his lack of interest in getting anywhere near Pandora’s box.

To top off the pathetic congressional worminess, below is a video of Nancy Pelosi pandering to a group of illegals by telling them that enforcing American immigration laws is “un-American.” If American politicians get any more patriotic, America will cease to exist.

Seriously, The Joker needs to have her gavel repo’d for this:

Author: Doug Powers

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