The Joy of Hoping: Details of Behar’s New Obama Kids Book

Have you ever wanted to throw up but couldn’t, and had to think of something disgusting that would help you purge? Joy Behar’s new kids book is going to be the thing I think about from now on:

Liberal “View” co-host Joy Behar appeared on Thursday’s edition of “Good Morning America” to promote her new children’s book “SheetzuCacaPoopoo,” an allegory for Barack Obama’s rise to power.

According to Behar, the book is really about the new President. She explained to GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts, “The dog, Max, is in trouble. They send him to obedience school, okay? When he’s in obedience school is when he becomes Barack. He becomes a community organizer.”

The book, SheetzuCacaPoopoo, also features title character Max (Obama) assuring another dog that he’s going to “spread the Milk Bones around.”

Other characters include an unrepentent terrier-ist, Willy, who likes to talk about the time he blew up a dog pound. Also mentioned is a preacher pup named Roverend Wright who goes around saying “God damn neutering,” telling all the black dogs that the white dogs are out to get them, and claiming that “spading” is a racist code word. Max denies knowing anything about either of these dogs in spite of proof that they have peed on the same fire hydrants on many occasions.

The book also features Max’s high maintenance wife who will only be proud of where she lives if her husband is elected top dog, as well as Max’s best friend Telly-Prompter, a Telomian pup without whom Max would be speechless.

In the book there’s also a cameo from Sarah, and Alaskan Malamute who claims to be able to see Russian Spaniels from her dog house.

This sounds like a riveting book, Ms. Behar!

And if you’re wondering where the title came from, “SheetzuCacaPoopoo” is Latin for “The View.”

Update: Obama is also putting out a children’s book. Which one will people buy? This risks being counter-productive because Obama and Behar could be about to engage in the very thing that The New Hope was created to eliminate: Free market competition.

Author: Doug Powers

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