Upside to the Budget Crunch: Jimmy Carter Welcome Center May Close

A Georgia shrine to Jimmy Carter, better known as “The House that Stagflation Built,” may be closing unless somebody can quickly compose a strongly-worded letter to the Georgia State Government:

On the outskirts of Jimmy Carter’s ancestral home, miles from the nearest interstate, sits a state shrine to Georgia’s native president.

The Plains Visitor Information Center pays tribute to the peanut farmer-turned-president, and it also stands as a reminder that even one of the most sacred names in Georgia politics can fall victim to a budget crisis.

Despite a campaign led by leaders of Carter’s hometown—and the Democrats who represent his district—the center is on the verge of losing its state funding. The latest budget proposal passed by the House on March 18 strips the center of $186,000 it cost to run last year.

Maybe they should make into a theme park so it can support itself. Call it “Six Flags Over Yasser Arafat” and have rides that let visitors experience what it’s like to negotiate on the high seas, like “Mediate with the Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Other thrill rides could include the frightening “Consumer Confidence Drop,” “The Yellow Streak” and a taste of man vs. nature on the “Attack Rabbit!”

I’ll bet the money they’d take in from U.N. officials on vacation and thrill-seeking members of Hamas in town to chat with Jimmah would would be more than enough to keep the place open.

Author: Doug Powers

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