Blago Radio is On the F-in Air!

Tune in tomorrow to the EIB Network (“Excellence in Bribery”) to hear new host Rod Blagojevich:

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has a new gig — as a radio talk show host.

WLS-AM program director Bob Shomper says Blagojevich will be on the air on the Chicago station Wednesday morning, taking calls from listeners, telling stories and talking with guests.

Shomper says it’s a one-time deal in a slot normally filled by hosts who are off this week.

Blago’s first guest was going to be his wife, but Rod was told that wouldn’t be allowed because the show won’t be broadcast on a 7-second delay.

The former governor won’t actually be on the air, provided he’s successful in selling the time slot to the highest bidder — just in case Chicagoans tune in and wonder why they’re listening to Jesse Jackson Jr.

Author: Doug Powers

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