Casting Brilliance: Sean Penn to Star in Three Stooges Film

My own thinking is that Larry from the Stooges deserves to be more competently represented than this, but it’s fitting casting nonetheless:

Oscar-winner Sean Penn is trading in the drama for some serious laughter (and a few eye pokes) in his next big-screen role.

Penn will star in “The Three Stooges,” a rep for MGM has confirmed to Access Hollywood.

He will play “Stooge” Larry Fine, while Jim Carrey is in talks to play Jerome “Curly” Howard, the rep revealed.

Because of all the accolades Penn received for his movie “Milk,” my guess is that he plays Larry gay (with his lover, Hugo Chavez, hilariously portrayed by George Lopez)… and Penn will most certainly play the part “mentally challenged.” How can he help it?


Author: Doug Powers

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