N. Dakota Floods, World Yawns

There’s are major problems in North Dakota — severe flooding, people chased from their homes, evacuations, cold, wind and a dike that may not be able to hold back all the water. Sound familiar?

But where’s the president? Where’s Geraldo? Where’s the finger-pointing? Where’s FEMA handing out gift cards? Where’s that guy looting beer?

What’s the difference between New Orleans and Fargo. Nah, it’s not a “color” thing. It’s about independence, which breeds self-sufficiency and charity. Independent and free people can take care of things themselves and work together with their neighbors in crisis to solve problems. They don’t need the government, who is always the last on the scene anyway.

But which kind of people is the government creating? Is our current government hell-bent to make everyone dependent, teat-sucking morons who don’t know which way is up unless it comes written on a note attached to a government check, or is the government promoting self-sufficiency?

Look at the folks in N. Dakota. If that’s not a “community coming together for a common purpose” nothing is — but is this really what Obama has in mind when he speaks of “community” and “common purpose”? Of course not. President Obama and Congress want the nation and its people to resemble New Orleans immediately post-Katrina, not Fargo mid-flood.

North Dakota? The government and poverty pimps everywhere are never going to shine a light on how — and most importantly why — these people are going to get through this with little to no government assistance. It would be too counter-productive.

Oh well, at least something positive may come of all this — I saw this picture on Drudge that will no doubt be used by the Gorebots in a future fear-mongering commercial as “proof” of global warming.

“Melting icecaps are stranding puppies!”:


Author: Doug Powers

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