I’ll be writing at Michelle Malkin’s site for at least one more day, but until I’m back here full-time or thereabouts, here’s a little Thursday laugh: How could the White House have avoided the PR disaster that was the Manhattan fly-over while saving a ton of taxpayer money? Jimmy Kimmel has a simple solution:

The “teabaggers” were noticed after all: At his 100th-day town hall meeting in St. Louis, Mo., President Obama took direct aim at the anti-tax “tea party” demonstrations that have cropped up over the last month – and took a veiled shot at FOX News Channel, at the cable news network closely associated with the protests. […]

Today Show feature: There’s no such thing as virginity

Arlen Specter is finally giving up on the long, half-assed charade of calling himself a “Republican.” He’s leaving the party. Take Collins and Snowe with you, Sen. Specter. Arlen said that the Republicans “want to purify the party.” If by that he means that the GOP doesn’t want to be infiltrated by Democrat water-carriers, then […]

I’ll be posting a bit again this week at Michelle Malkin’s blog, so be sure to go her site for newer posts until Thursday morning. I’ll try to keep up a few new ones here too if possible. Also, if you’d like to register to comment at Michelle’s site (it’ll tell you registering is closed […]

Got the swine flu yet? After reading many stories and watching the news, either nothing is about to happen or we’re all about to die. That’s a fairly broad spectrum, and actually one that we live under every day without really knowing it. At least somebody in DC might care about actually watching the borders […]

Charles Grodin appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last week and asked Hannity if he’d agree to be waterboarded (since Sean’s not against the practice as a CIA interrogation technique). Hannity said, half-jokingly I imagine, that he’d do it for charity. Enter Keith Olbermann, who has offered to pay $1,000 for every second Hannity […]

Snack prices in Florida prisons have risen, and some aren’t happy about it: Having to pay more for Honey Buns and other prison snack shop items has made inmates at Florida prisons and their families upset. The state, which has the nation’s third largest state prison system, raised prices about three weeks ago under a […]

The asininity is almost too much to bear. Here’s Al Gore telling Congress yesterday (also read “The Thrilla in Vanilla”) that global warming deniers are “like Bernie Madoff, they lied to the people who trusted them in order to make money.” Oh… my… God. I’ll give Al credit — he’s got balls the size required […]

Starting at noon-ish today through Friday or so I’ll be filling in for Michelle Malkin, which will result in posting here being light until the weekend. So remember to check Michelle’s site for any new posts until the start of the weekend, and we’ll be back up to normal speed here on Saturday/Sunday.

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