When is it Okay for a Failed Entity to Give Taxpayer-Funded Bonuses to Employees?

I’m willing to bet you know the answer to that question already…

President Obama said that a failing entity that uses taxpayer money to give millions of dollars worth of bonuses to the same people who helped ruin that entity is completely unacceptable — unless you’re a U.S. lawmaker or a member of their staff. Capitol Hill bonuses were $9.1 million in 2008, and you and I paid it.

Hey, they’re doing such a great job, why not?

Obama makes the CEO of GM step down and has angry mobs going after AIG, but he’ll probably campaign for the re-election of Barney Frank and say nothing about millions of taxpayer dollars in bonuses a failed Congress doles out. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so shamelessly pathetic.