Pitiful, weak, uninspiring, misguided, dangerous, brown-nosey, self-loathing abused-spouse syndrome and the epitome of servility and Nerf-diplomacy poorly disguised as grandiose world leadership:

Update: My metaphors and adjectives above deserve further explanation. Just one reason is that what Obama said is insulting to those who stand tall and put everything at risk for America.

Surveying one part of the world where Americans have died by the millions to keep people free from tyranny, the President said the U.S. has been “dismissive” of its allies. Obama of course also continued to call the Iraq war a mistake, a mis-step and a senseless war that took our eye off the ball. This is a horrendous thing for a nation’s leader to say, even if he thinks it’s true. Why? Because this is a president who has young men and women in his command who are still in Iraq risking their lives every day!

“Competent leadership” in this instance (from a domestic perspective, which is obviously low on Obama’s priority list) would mean keeping your mouth shut about the Iraq war until all your troops — the troops you claim to care so deeply about — are safely home. Anything else is selling out our troops and possibly even placing them in greater danger just to score some political points with European leaders — some of whom even backed the Iraq war (and aren’t up there apologizing for it, by the way).

Composer Claude Debussy said that “music is the space between the notes.” Leadership is similar — Leadership can have less to do what is said and a lot more to do with the ability to know when to shut the f*#k up. For the sake of the United States, our president needs major work on both counts.


3 Responses to “Obama Apologizes to Europe for US Arrogance in Liberating Their Asses on Numerous Occasions”

  1. Kristoffer Martin on January 6th, 2010 3:48 am

    I have to disagree, his statement was poignant in his speech. The divides of partisanship and of blame rather than fixing the problems has to stop. What more, holding one's tongue on the topic of the war for the sake of the soldiers is stupid. It is this exact action which allowed for the war to continue. A competent leader recognizes the problem, makes it public, and acts accordingly to fix the problem. Hiding behind closed doors allows for mistakes, it allows for secrets, and what is worse it allows for puppetry to occur. The soldiers who are there now know that the war was a mistake, they know the truth, and it is for their sake he spoke the truth. How can you expect a president to end a fruitless war if you also expect him to conceal his thoughts on the matter? Without expression support of dejection cannot occur.

  2. Rasputin on January 13th, 2010 9:06 pm

    This article is a typical example of the rabid right reaction to having Obama as President. In no way, shape or form did Obama "apologize" for the united States behaviour in the past, which is what everybody is saying he did. And we have behaved in horrendous fashion in many instances, from Vietnam to Irak, from Iran to Chile, not to mention the hundreds of military interventions in the Caribbean and Central America, not to liberate them from tyranny, but to protect the economic interests of our corporations. We have been arrogant and bully, and when somebody decides to admit it, the lunatics from the right call him nothing short of a traitor. Obama is a cancer in their bodies, and nothing is off the table when it comes to try to destroy him, even if it means destroying the country. That is the patriotism of this article.

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