Tax Day Right Wing Extremist Tea Party, Lansing, Mi — Joe the Plumber Edition

Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes. The tea party in Lansing at the end of February was just the beginning. Today’s was enormous, and Joe the Plumber even stopped by as one of the presumably many stops he’ll be making today.

I knew it was going to be big, because I had to park a good half-mile from where I parked in February. If there were any counter-protesters or infiltrators there, I couldn’t find them. I pretty much walked the entire perimeter running moonbat reconnaissance and didn’t see any. Damn. They must have been scared off by the idea that with thousands of hard-working folks on the grounds, they may have accidentally come in contact with a job.

Click the picture to enlarge:

Here’s one during Joe the Plumber’s speech taken from the stage (on the Capitol steps) from behind the podium and to the right (naturally):


Here’s the view from the stage area looking to the right — so this is only about a third of the crowd:


From the right base of the Capitol steps:


From near the back of the crowd looking toward the Capitol:


I’m always up for a good Obama/teleprompter joke:


I’ll hit “publish” now because these things are taking forever to load… if I run across any more pictures of note I’ll post them soon.

Update: Joyanna Adams has a ton of good pics from St. Louis.

Author: Doug Powers

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