Behold the absolute power that Miss California wields with reckless abandon! As you know, the California’s Supreme Court upheld Prop. 8, the same-sex marriage ban, in a 6-1 vote. The Hollywood left is reacting predictably to the decision, but no more hilariously than alleged comedian Margaret Cho, who Twittered the following after the decision was […]

Going “green” can be a boost to the economy… if you’re a prostitute. Perhaps this could be a topic for Al Gore’s sequel, “An Inconvenient Booty Call”: The global climate challenge may have been on the daytime agenda during the recent World Business Summit climate conference in Copenhagen, but in the evenings many businessmen, politicians […]

Hilarious breaking news from The People’s Cube. The full story is here. Pray for TOTUS’s safe return. The president is reportedly speechless.

As you’re probably aware, President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice and Stan Laurel ringer, David Souter, the man who is George HW Bush’s biggest mistake (second biggest if you’re on the left). There are a number of troubling issues in the professional career of Sotomayor, but this is one of […]

What could possibly go wrong?: President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a “cyber czar,” a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation’s government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan. The adviser […]

With the Lil’ Nutcase in North Korea now testing nukes, Sarah Palin asks a relevant question via Twitter: Why consider US missile program cuts now? AK military program helps secure US. Now is NOT time to cut our defense. This is a good point, albeit an unfortunately obvious one to have to make. Since it’s […]

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily revolves around the recent “waterboarding” stunt by radio host “Mancow” Muller. Muller said the procedure is torture, but in today’s column I take a larger look at the growing fad that is entertainers and media types having themselves waterboarded in order to find out if it’s torture or not. Give a […]

I don’t know which would be least annoying to be around… Hillary’s cackle or Fran Drescher’s nasally laugh… but it seems that Bill Clinton made up his mind at the Life Ball charity event in Vienna:

As Memorial Day approaches, I just ran across something that may be of interested to any of you who lost family or friends during the Vietnam war, as my family did. From the Washington Times: The Washington Times has partnered with the Internet company on a new project that transforms Washington’s Vietnam war memorial […]

Christopher Hitchens was waterboarded last year and concluded that the interrogation procedure is torture (possibly because the water didn’t have any Scotch in it — the horror). Not long ago, Sean Hannity offered to be waterboarded for charity. This prompted some on the left — who say that waterboarding should never, ever be used on […]

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