How Much Does Your Date Night Cost?

I understand that wherever the president goes, it costs taxpayers a fortune for security, vehicles and everything that surrounds presidential travel. That’s not a problem — what is a problem is when about $70,000 of taxpayer money is blown by somebody who just told all of us to sacrifice until we get through our current crisis — and for a “date night” no less.

I’ve been to DC, and I’m pretty sure they had restaurants and theaters there.

The funny part is that the Obamas dined at Blue Hill, which “specializes in locally grown dishes.”

The purpose of “locally grown dishes” is at least in part intended to be environmental. But any positive environmental impact is lost if a locally grown dish is devoured by people who aren’t locally grown and flew in three jets and arrived in a motorcade just to eat there.

But the new CEO of General Motors deserves no less.

Author: Doug Powers

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