Are We Really Turning the U.S. Into a ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’ for Ted Kennedy?

nullTed Kennedy, by most accounts, is a dying man, which makes Congress and the president even more determined to ram through Ted’s “health care reform” bill as soon as possible.

Hurrying through a hunk of legislation that will have a tremendous impact on the country’s future because of the medical condition of one man sounds… about as logical as usual, considering we’re talking about a liberal-controlled government.

If you thought Congress didn’t read the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus bill before passing it, just wait until this monstrosity hits the floor and congress is playing “beat the clock” to honor Ted Kennedy by throwing the entire country in the back of a ’68 Olds for a swervy joyride on the Vineyard.

The first thing you want to do when unemployment is around 10% is put huge new mandates on employers. And that possibility would be on top of Obama’s speeding up the government “stimulus” spending.

Aiding an economy by ratcheting up government spending is like helping a group of hungry people by eating half of them and letting the other half smell your burps.

In the meantime, liberal politicians are desperate to ram a trillion-ton health care reform monster through a keyhole so Ted Kennedy can be alive to witness his life’s dream of being selflessly philanthropic with everybody else’s money reach a glorious apex.

Frankly I hope and pray Ted lives another 25 years. Only then will he be able to witness what his legacy, and the legacies of others he supports, truly hath wrought (except the instinctive “fix” would be to do the same thing all over again except three times as much).

Author: Doug Powers

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