The pro-feminist left just cannot handle a classy-but-down-home independently minded non-liberal woman without ironically trying to reduce the rhetoric to a level that is usually reserved for a stripper twirling around a pole: HuffPo poll: What’s on Sarah Palin’s Toenails?

Unlike a lot of liberal chicks you see at art fairs, all I know is that the answer to the above question is “not fungus.”

In fairness to the Huffington Post though, they’ve been fairly nonpartisan when it comes to this issue, because I think they asked the same question back when John Edwards was spotted in sandals leaving Pink Sapphire.

Update: The HuffPo can stop end their search, because I’ve managed to find out what brand of polish Sarah uses…



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  1. yellow toenails on October 9th, 2011 1:45 am

    According to me if you have an infected toenail, it is best to go to your health care provider so that you can get proper treatment, which sometimes involves antibiotics. An infected toenail that is left untreated can have dire consequences.

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