HuffPo Tackles the Hard News: Sarah Palin’s Toenail Polish

The pro-feminist left just cannot handle a classy-but-down-home independently minded non-liberal woman without ironically trying to reduce the rhetoric to a level that is usually reserved for a stripper twirling around a pole: HuffPo poll: What’s on Sarah Palin’s Toenails?

Unlike a lot of liberal chicks you see at art fairs, all I know is that the answer to the above question is “not fungus.”

In fairness to the Huffington Post though, they’ve been fairly nonpartisan when it comes to this issue, because I think they asked the same question back when John Edwards was spotted in sandals leaving Pink Sapphire.

Update: The HuffPo can stop end their search, because I’ve managed to find out what brand of polish Sarah uses…


Author: Doug Powers

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