New Orleans Mayor Nagin Quarantined in China, Vows to Make Shanghai Chocolate By End of Day

Keep your fingers crossed — there’s always a chance that China will keep Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin around for instructional purposes to teach their politicians what not to do during a typhoon:

Chinese authorities have quarantined New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, his wife and a security guard in Shanghai after another traveler on their flight from New Jersey exhibited suspected swine flu symptoms.

Nagin’s office said the three were quarantined in a hotel Sunday as a precaution and were exhibiting no flu symptoms.

This reminds me of a joke…

Q: What do doctors call “swine flu” when a Louisiana Democrat has it?

A: “Flu.”

In any case, I hope it turns out okay. Thank goodness Geraldo’s on the job!


“Let the Mayor go!”

Update: Speaking of Louisiana Democrats, a porn star may be running for Senate there. She won’t find politics to be much of a career change.

Author: Doug Powers

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