Digital Conversion Confusion: Dogs, Cats and Liberals Living Together, Mass Hysteria!

The government (you, me and future generations) spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars on the “digital conversion” — much of it going towards a couple years worth of highly publicized (as mandated by the FCC) warnings of what to expect and how to prepare.

It was not difficult to understand, but, as was expected, there were problems from the “couldn’t find their own ass with both hands and a map” crowd:

Nearly 700,000 calls were received by a federal hot line this week from people confused about the nationwide switch from analog to digital TV broadcasts that occurred Friday.
The largest volume of calls came from the Chicago area, followed by Dallas-Ft. Worth, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Four of those five areas are on the “most liberal cities in America” list — as for Dallas, that area claims to be the “most liberal city in Texas” (Obama won Dallas County 57.5 to 41.9).

That the FCC got the most calls on the “unprepared, inattentive, confused ignorant moron hotline” from areas that were all carried by Barack Obama in the November election is a sheer coincidence. Really, it is. Probably… maybe…

Author: Doug Powers

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