The Audacity of Dope: Obama’s Brother to Write Memoir

It’s funny that I happened to write a little bit about George Obama in today’s column, and shortly after finishing that I learned about the following:

Barack Obama has a half-brother in Kenya named George, who is either a black Billy Carter, or a Kenyan Roger Clinton. George has been homeless and had brushes with the law (most recently for pot possession), but now he’s going to get a reported six-figures for a book deal with Simon & Schuster:

Little is known about George Obama. The book, tentatively titled “Homeland” and to be written with author-journalist Damien Lewis, will tell of George Obama’s fall into crime and poverty as a teenager and his eventual embrace of community organizing—a passion shared by the president—and of advocacy for the poor, an identification so strong that he chooses to live among them.

“Chooses to live among them” and a “community organizer”? This guy has a future in American politics. Let’s see how long he “chooses to live among them” and organizes the homeless Kenyan community after he cashes Simon & Schuster’s check. The media will stop at nothing to help protect the Obama brand (GatewayPundit has more on that here).

Quite possibly one of the most shameless moments in politics — not counting Ted Kennedy speaking out against waterboarding and naming his dog “Splash” — was when Barack Obama, shortly after the world learned of his poverty-stricken brother in Kenya, actually said “I am my brother’s keeper” in a speech. This is the same politician who wants to be your health care keeper. Feel confident?

Here’s a proposed cover design and revised title for George’s book:


Other titles I’d suggest would be “Zig Zags From My Father” — “Brother Can You Spare Some Hope?” and “Loose Change I Can Believe In.”

Author: Doug Powers

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