Heartache: Sean Penn Declines Role He Was Born to Play, Will Always Be a Stooge to Me

Sean Penn had reportedly signed on to play Larry in an upcoming Three Stooges movie, but has dropped out. This is too bad, because there hadn’t been a better match of actor-to-role since… well, since Penn played Sam Dawson — but the role of Larry is now open again:

Sean Penn will not be one of the “The Three Stooges” or join “Cartel.”

A spokeswoman for the Oscar winner said he is dropping out of the films. Penn spokeswoman Mara Buxbaum (MAHR’-ah BUX’-bahm) did not specify a reason, but said if the start dates on the productions were to be postponed, Penn would remain involved.

Penn was slated to star as Larry in “Three Stooges” and as a man protecting his son in “Cartel.”

Word on the street in Hollywood is that these films conflicted with Penn’s dinner date schedule with Hugo Chavez.

My second choice for Larry would be MSNBC’s Chris Matthews — he’s a perfect fit, and he has acting experience!

Now the studio is stuck with a couple thousand of these posters:


Author: Doug Powers

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