Horror: Obama Kills Fly Without Reading it Miranda Rights

The president has staged an unprovoked, unnecessary, senseless and dastardly fatal attack on an innocent member of the musca domestica community without due process or consulting the U.N.


Update: Turns out the insect that was relentlessly attracted to the president was an ABC reporter. ABC has forgiven Obama and actually thanked their Overlord for helping them downsize the staff.

Update II: Here’s where Obama learned his moves.

Update III: A little research shows me that Obama, though an obviously skilled fly killer, isn’t the best to ever occupy the White House. Bill Clinton reportedly put down flies over 500 times in the Oval Office — though not all on the same pair of pants, obviously, and not all with his own hand.

Update IV: Obama kills fly, the remix (h/t PoliticalAbacus):

Author: Doug Powers

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