Who Will Be the Bad Guys in the ‘Red Dawn’ Remake?

What made the original “Red Dawn” movie so creepy was that it seemed plausible, and if the remake is played correctly and updated for the times and the threats we face, it could set the same tone of frightening realism — unless… well, I’ll get to that in a minute:

On the heels of yesterday’s casting announcements, LatinoReview has exclusively learned that Tony Gilroy, the oscar nominated writer/director of Michael Clayton (and one of my top five favorite all time screenwriters) has come aboard to rewrite MGM/UA’s remake of RED DAWN!

The threats we face today are a little different (not to mention more numerous) than when the original “Red Dawn” was made — so what angle should the remake take?

For the Red Dawn remake to be plausible and not predictable, it would be interesting to focus on the internal threats that could bring America down — because many of them are already in positions of government power.

A film focusing on these threats and a revolution against them would be a welcome respite from the usual dated “invasion” fare.

But… creating such a film would require casting politicians like “you-know-who,” along with the ultimate consequences of their actions and inactions, in a bad light.

Tony Gilroy, who’s been hired to write and direct the remake, probably won’t focus on those things I mentioned, because that would require an honest examination of the blind hope and false change (or is that false hope and blind change?) that may be leading to disaster. Gilroy would appear to be a big fan of you-know-who, so maybe it’s safe to assume the villians in the updated version of the movie will definitely not be Islamofascists or liberal Democrats.

Author: Doug Powers

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