Not-So-Silent Lucidity: Walpin Refuses Kool-Aid, Gets Dizzy

Gerald Walpin, who Obama fired as inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps) for being “confused” and “disoriented,” dared defend himself in a rather funny fashion:

“I would never say President Obama doesn’t have the capacity to continue to serve because of his (statement) that there are 56 states,” Walpin said, adding that the same holds for Vice President Biden and his “many express confusions that have been highlighted by the media.” Obama mistakenly said once on the campaign trail that he had traveled to 57 states.

So far Walpin seems more lucid than anybody in the Obama administration.

It looks like, with the firing, Obama may have broken a Federal law as well — and ironically one that he co-sponsored.

Another report says that Walpin may have been a fraud and corruption whistleblower:

Walpin was challenging the resolution of charges against Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson stemming from the Hood Corps, a project of St. Hope Academy, which he started in one of the city’s low-income neighborhoods. The IG audit found that the program misused virtually all its funds and did little of what was outlined in its grant proposal.

Kevin Johnson is a huge Obama supporter. You do the math.

This is nothing more than Chicago politics debuting on a national level. Some “change” eh?

In the private sector, where we’re forced to actually follow rules set by those in Washington who exclude themselves from their own laws, a manager who acted as judge, jury and public executioner of an employee and alleged a medical condition or a handicap as reason for firing the employee would be fired himself, and probably sued by the employee.

Does this guy seem more “confused” and “disoriented” than the average politician… or even the president?

My own theory is that Dr. Obama’s wildly false diagnosis motivated by ulterior motives is just practice for when he’s running the nation’s entire health care system.

Author: Doug Powers

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