One Company That Doesn’t Need a Bailout

There’s positive economic “hope” and “change” for one company, and oddly enough I think that “hope” and “change” just two reasons why:

Pistol maker Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. on Thursday reported fourth-quarter revenue above Wall Street expectations, sending shares up nearly 12 percent in aftermarket trading.

The company said its fiscal 2009 fourth-quarter revenue rose 20 percent to $99.5 million. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected revenue of $90.8 million, on average.

“Demand for our handguns and tactical rifles remained strong throughout the fourth quarter, as evidenced by our revenue as well as by our backlog balance,” the company said in a statement.

Who said an increasingly statist government isn’t good for private sector business? — Provided that business in part sells protection from an increasingly statist government.


“Go ahead, punk, buy Smith & Wesson stock.”

Author: Doug Powers

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