John Boehner Insults Piles of S*#t

Have you ever wondered why Democrats are so incredibly offended just because somebody reads one of their bills aloud? The question answers itself, but all this Cap & Trade debate has turned me into a big fan of Ohio Rep. John Boehner, who had some choice words for the aforementioned bill:

When asked why he read portions of the cap-and-trade bill on the floor Friday night, Boehner told The Hill, “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of s–t.”

Using his privilege as leader to speak for an unlimited time on the House floor, Boehner spent an hour reading from the 1200-plus page bill that was amended 20 hours before the lower chamber voted 219-212 to approve it.

Calling Waxman-Markey a “pile of shit” is really a disservice to piles of shit, but it’s as close as Boehner could get at the time and not bad for improv, so I won’t hold that against him — but I can’t vouch for how insulted piles of shit will be over the comparison.

Author: Doug Powers

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