He’s Baaaack: Obama Birth Certificate Seller Gets Around eBay Rules, For Now

I wrote a post over the weekend about somebody who claims to have a copy of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

Ebay banned sale of the alleged document four times, and their reasoning was that eBay rules prohibit government documents or identification of any sort being sold on the site.

The seller’s account was apparently deleted, because it looks like the same person is back under another user name.

Look how he or she is trying to get around the rules this time, not mentioning any “birth certificate” this time but still making it obvious that’s what it supposedly is — it’ll be interesting to see what excuse eBay offers when they ban this listing:

I’ve written a dissertation about the physical birth (which took place on August 4th, 1961) of United States President Barack Hussein Obama II. This is what you are bidding on.
You are however welcome to view my dissertation, in person, before making your payment. Feel free to bring along with you a forensic examiner to authenticate my dissertation.

You may refuse payment should you find that my dissertation is without merit. Upon request (during in-person viewing of dissertation) all supporting evidence will be made available to you.

This may well be a hoax, but I’ll at least give the person points for persistence and creativity — and good past sales ratings.

Update: The bidding is now up to $900,000.

Update II: eBay has removed the listing… again.

Author: Doug Powers

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