Breaking: Mainstream Media Outlets Accuse Mark Sanford of Plagiarizing Love Letters

WASHINGTON, DC (PNN): PNN has learned that the heads of several mainstream media outlets, including the Associated Press, Reuters, MSNBC, ABC and others, have accused Mark Sanford of plagiarizing some of their reporters in love letters the S. Carolina Governor wrote to his mistress in Argentina.

The media outlets are accusing Sanford of stealing the moving and emotional words he emailed to Maria Belen Chapur last year, line for line, from various articles that reporters covering the 2008 election campaign wrote about then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The mainstream media outlets are seeking an admission of guilt from Sanford, but so far haven’t gotten one.

“Those love letters were very personal and represent a deep affection, respect and admiration for a flawlessly beautiful human being in its purest, most spiritual form, and I can assure you they are original and were written from the heart,” according to a spokesperson.

“So were the Governor’s letters!” Replied a Sanford staffer in defense of the besieged governor.

More on this story as it develops.

Author: Doug Powers

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