Bid at your own risk. Update: As a commenter said, the above link/listing was removed from eBay — that’s the 2nd time it’s been removed. But now it’s back up for a third time here. Update II: Looks like it’s been banned for good now … not because it wasn’t necessarily genuine, but because it […]

The Cap & Trade (Crap & Raid) boondoggle will probably be voted on this afternoon, and to sway “undecideds,” Nancy Pelosi’s bringing out the big guns: Pelosi plied undecided members with chocolate-covered Dove bars in a series of small group meetings. That’s right — the entire future of America could hinge on some fat, pasty […]

There’s a monkey in Zambia with a penchant for peeing on politicians (see video below of the President of Zambia getting a golden monkey shower) that we could really use in the U.S. I’m taking up a collection to bring whizmonkey to the U.S. and letting him live in the ceilings of Capitol Hill so […]

A couple of days ago, John Kerry botched another joke when he cracked that it’s too bad Sarah Palin hadn’t gone missing just as Mark Sanford did. Speaking to troops in Kosovo, Palin answered back: Sen. Kerry, why the long face? Click the pic to see the video:

Yeah, I know that pretty much every day in Congress lives up to that title, but today could be especially bad. The same Congress that bashed Bernard Madoff over the head for his Ponzi scheme is probably going to vote today on whether or not to do a similiar scheme multiplied by billions — but […]

When I was younger, and still to this day for the most part, when it comes to the music I listened to, I was a 60′s, 70′s & 80′s rock n’ roll guy (in the late 80′s they started calling it “classic rock” just in case I needed a reason to start feeling old). As […]

Just when you thought global warming couldn’t get any sillier, now we’re hearing about how a bad draw, bad putting, and global warming, combined to defeat Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open. Read the story at Climate Progress and you’ll notice a new tactic: A “global warming type event.” Global warming alarmists/fundraisers now have all […]

Fox News is reporting that Mark Sanford’s Venezuelan mistress is said to be a “professional, passionate and beautiful brunette.” Nobody seems to be able to find a picture of her though, but it’s certainly not for a lack of trying. I gave it a shot at Google Images — searching the name of the woman, […]

Normally I’m not big on naming schools after somebody who may end up as the most expensive failure and affront to the constitution in national political history, but this match is simply perfect: President Obama’s name would grace a new Prince George’s County elementary school a few miles from the White House under a proposal […]

John Kerry has botched jokes before, but I don’t think he’ll be apologizing for this one. What an ass: The Bay State senator was telling a group of business and civic leaders in town at his invitation about the “bizarre’’ tale of how South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had “disappeared for four days’’ and claimed […]

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