Clarence Thomas: ‘Regular Old Guy’ Delivers High School Commencement

I’m a big fan of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The guy has taken unbelievable heat over the years because he’s a black man with the audacity to not drink the liberal Kool Aid, but somehow he appears to be untarnished and unjaded by it all and seems to be a grounded human being — and a couple of high school football players from Maryland appreciate it.

It’s nice to see stories like this from time to time:

High school seniors Terrence Stephens and Jason Ankrah, star football players at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Md., were sitting on a plane returning from a recruitment session at the University of Nebraska when they struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to them. Their seat-mate just happened to be a major Cornhuskers fan.

When they started chatting, Stephens and Ankrah didn’t have a clue they were holding court with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“I was amazed this guy knew so much about us as football players and as people,” said Stephens. “That was shocking. I felt honored to be known by someone of his caliber. He was just a regular old guy, sitting in coach, which really shocked me.”

By the time the plane landed, the students had figured out who Thomas was, and they promptly told their principal they wanted to invite Thomas to give the keynote speech at their high school graduation. Of course, Principal Carole Working didn’t exactly think Thomas would take them up on it. But he showed up at the high school on Monday.

Thomas did end up delivering the commencement address at Quince Orchard. Here’s the story:

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Israel Ponders Offer to Tear Down West Bank Wall in Return for Pink Floyd Reunion Concert

nullAIDA REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank (PNN): Roger Waters, co-founder of the legendary band Pink Floyd, visited the West Bank and told the Associated Press that he would “give a concert in a flash if Israel’s West Bank wall is torn down.”

Not to be out-matched as a deal maker, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to have counter-offered Waters, dispatching the following email to the bassist: “We’ll consider it if you promise that you’ll be performing with the remaining living members of the band and do the full, album-length versions of both Shine On and Echoes.”

Israel says it built the wall as a defense against Palestinian militants, and Israel’s final decision on whether or not to tear down the West Bank wall would obviously hinge on how many Palestinians are Pink Floyd fans and how long those who are perpetrating violence are distracted by the music.

There is precedent for such an offer, though few are aware of it. Waters performed The Wall live in Berlin in 1990, mere months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, heroically fulfilling U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 proclamation, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall and Roger Waters and an all-star cast including Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams and Van Morrison will perform right here.” Gorbachev was a big Pink Floyd fan and the wall quickly came down, but Reagan Administration officials had edited Reagan’s quote and released to the media the first five words only, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” which allowed Reagan to take full credit for what is in fact Roger Waters’ role in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

As for the West Bank wall, Waters shrugged off any potential after-effects of a barrier between longtime enemies being removed just for a two-hour concert. “I live a long way from here,” concluded the legendary rocker.

The surviving members of Pink Floyd, guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour, and drummer Nick Mason, could not be reached for comment as they were in Mogadishu working a deal to convince Somali pirates to stop hijacking ships in return for autographed copies of Dark Side of the Moon and an LSD blotter with Syd Barrett’s fingerprint on it.

Another Day, Another Hummer

Government Motors (GM) has announced that it has sold Hummer to an undisclosed buyer.

I haven’t heard about who the buyer is, but I have heard who will be running the company. Hint: The manufacturer is a major sponsor of his library — just imagine the marketing potential:


Update: The New York Times is reporting that the China is the buyer — so I’m not very far off base here.

Jurassic Hope: ‘Is There Eventually Stimulus on the Stimulus Tour?’

Day in and day out we’re hearing about huge job losses, bankruptcies, rapidly ballooning debt (amounting to over $668,000 per household at last count) and and a general financial misery that’s on the verge of making the Jimmy Carter years look like an economic Shangri La.

Where’s the promised “stimulus”? Remember when the government handed GM a ton of our money, using the excuse that there would be horrific consequences if GM were allowed to declare bankruptcy. So GM got the money, and still declared bankruptcy — with the blessing of the government, no less. It’s a joke.

After trillions of dollars have been sucked into Washington for the purpose of having a fraction of that pumped elsewhere for “stimulus” (call me crazy, but one government job filling potholes for every 10,000 private sector layoffs will never fit the definition of “stimulus” in most peoples’ minds), I’m starting to empathize in a way with a character in Jurassic Park, Dr. Ian Malcom.

In one Jurassic Park scene, after all the hype about dinosaurs on the island, Malcolm is on a programmed jeep tour of the park. The tour group sits for a long time, waiting, having been promised a grand and magical experience. Eventually, after no dinosaurs are spotted after what seems an eternity, Malcolm looks into the security camera, which is linked back to the Jurassic Park office, and says, “are there eventually dinosaurs on the dinosaur tour?”

The “stimulus” is like the dinosaurs on the dinosaur tour — it will eventually show up just like the dinosaurs did, and I don’t expect the stimulus aftermath to be much different:


“Hello. My name is Stimulus and I was sent by the government to keep you from going down the toilet.”

Tiller, Recruiters, and the Question of the Day

How come when a lunatic who commits murder under the guise of being “pro-life,” it’s due to extremist right-wing rhetoric and is used (by Keith Olbermann, etc) to paint the entire pro-life movement as an extremist organization that should be tightly monitored by Homeland Security — but when a Muslim commits murder in the name of his religion, those same people tell us not to judge an entire group of people based on the acts of just a few (including, not so surprisingly, Keith Olbermann)?

Bonus question: Does anybody really believe that the likes of Randall Terry, seen below essentially justifying the murder of George Tiller, would not be thinking this way if it weren’t for O’Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh saying that baby killing is wrong? Puh-leez.

(h/t for the vid to LGF)

Playboy Gets Classy: ‘Top 10 Conservative Women We’d Like to Hate F*#k’

Also known in classier circles as “grudge f*#k,” Playboy is now doing a feature about conservative women in a way that would have the angry hags from the NOW picketing outside their bunny-clad doors if they did anything remotely similar about liberal women — though I don’t know whey they’d be so ticked-off — it’s not like they’d be on the list.

Ed Morrissey sums up what Playboy’s up to now:

Playboy likes to claim that it prints pictures of naked women as a means to empower them. Uh-huh. It seems that Playboy and Hugh Hefner only like to empower women to the extent that they’ll take off their clothes, but when they open their mouths and have an opinion … well, then it’s time to roll out the demonization. They have a new feature on the website that features — and I’m not making this up — conservative women they’d like to “hate-f**k” (link NSFW)

Here’s the list. (Update: Playboy has pulled the above feature from their website, but Gateway Pundit has a cache of what the main page looked like here.)

From Michelle Malkin to Megyn Kelly to Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Michele Bachmann, come and see liberal tolerance and the promotion of female empowerment at its finest — but only for the articles, of course.

Figuring that one good spurn deserves another (after all, what liberal doesn’t like “fairness”?), I thought I’d return the favor.

So, without further adieu, here are the “Top Ten Liberal Women I’d Like to Hate F*#k”:

There’s… uh… one of them would be… um…

Well, there’s Aman… no wait, she’s not liberal.

Ooh, there was that one chick with the reddish hair who was on CNN in the mid-80’s… but I can’t remember her name and I’m not sure she was liberal.


So… gee, you’ll have to give me a few minutes on this… it’s like trying to make Viagra out of saltpeter.

Thanks to Playboy for reminding me about this classic:


Obama Celeb Suck-Up of the Day

Actor/comedian Denis Leary gets today’s award for the following fellatiotic reaction to a question about his opinion of Barack Obama.

Is it just me, or do some of these over-the-top Obamaniacs seem to act like this more out of fear that questioning The One would lead to some kind of career damage? How else do we explain somebody who says “Obama is the greatest president in the history of all our presidents and he can do no wrong”? This proves that Obamania is in full-fledged cult mode — at least among the Hollywood whiffle-heads.

Leary seems to be joining many other Obama lock-stepper celebs in a collective audition for the Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment:

How Much Does Your Date Night Cost?

I understand that wherever the president goes, it costs taxpayers a fortune for security, vehicles and everything that surrounds presidential travel. That’s not a problem — what is a problem is when about $70,000 of taxpayer money is blown by somebody who just told all of us to sacrifice until we get through our current crisis — and for a “date night” no less.

I’ve been to DC, and I’m pretty sure they had restaurants and theaters there.

The funny part is that the Obamas dined at Blue Hill, which “specializes in locally grown dishes.”

The purpose of “locally grown dishes” is at least in part intended to be environmental. But any positive environmental impact is lost if a locally grown dish is devoured by people who aren’t locally grown and flew in three jets and arrived in a motorcade just to eat there.

But the new CEO of General Motors deserves no less.