Do Women See Mark Sanford’s Mistress in the Mirror?

Meghan Daum has an opinion column in the Los Angeles Times today under the following title: Do men see Mark Sanford in the mirror?

Here’s the closer:

No one’s excusing Sanford’s behavior. But as we slog through another week of the Jackson postmortem-paloooza and wonder at the fact that we’re also still hearing about the South Carolina governor’s love for certain tan lines, maybe it’s worth asking ourselves why. Is it because we’re uncategorically appalled? Or is it because maybe, just maybe, there’s a tiny bit of Mark Sanford in, if not all men, quite a few of them? And that’s more than you can say of Michael Jackson.

Are all men, at the core, Mark Sanford?

That’s a fair enough question as long as it’s followed up. Since Ms. Daum is one of those who’s also guilty of keeping the Sanford story alive, we can’t answer her question without simultaneously answering this one: Is there a tiny bit of María Belén Chapur in, if not all women, quite a few of them?

In other words, Meghan, “it takes two to bango.”

Author: Doug Powers

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