Obama Moscow Visit Brings Noticable Change to Lenin’s Corpse

The Obamas are in Moscow for an “Arms Treaty Summit” (the plan being that Michelle shows her arms at the summit and the Russians get so scared that they sign a treaty agreeing that the U.S. should weaken itself).

A picture of V.I. Lenin in his tomb yesterday shows a particular reaction that seems to have taken place, but first, here’s a picture of Lenin’s corpse taken last month:


Now here’s a picture taken shortly after the Obamas landed in Moscow:


Creeeepy. It could just be a coincidence, but it’s important to note that this same phenomenon occurred when Fidel Castro visited Russia in 1962, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has the same reaction every time Obama’s name is mentioned.

It can’t be an entirely ideological reaction, however, because here’s a photo of Lenin taken after Hillary Clinton arrived in Moscow in March. Note the distinctive lack of arousal and what appear to be earplugs:


Author: Doug Powers

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